(Land Speed Research Vehicle)



Imagine LSRV is a rocket powered land speed record car. It is presently the most powerful, most aerodynamically efficient and potentially fastest vehicle on Earth. Nothing built in the United States or elsewhere in the world can come close to its performance capabilities. We chose the name “Imagine” as a challenge to the people who will follow Imagine LSRV’s achievements to reach within themselves to create and excel.

Imagine LSRV was designed and is being built by a team of experienced American fabricators and scientists headed by Waldo E. Stakes. Presently all the components needed to build it have already been acquired by the team.  Famous rocket engineer Ken Mason is in charge of the rocket propulsion development. These two men are the principals behind the company Land Speed Research vehicles, LLC. The home base of this one of a kind and potentially unbeatable vehicle; the vehicle is currently being constructed in southern California, USA.


The vehicle is a straight line super high speed design which utilizes a Zen like design philosophy. In that the design will use all the substantial forces it encounters during its run to complete its objective of setting a new land speed record.

The land speed record is a coveted, globally respected title with a history going back more than a hundred years. It is as old as the automobile itself and the holder of this title is usually better known than anyone else in motor sport.  Many famous industrialists used the fame of setting the land speed record to further the acceptance of their products.  Men like Henry Ford set the land speed record and used the fame of this achievement to raise the capitol to start the Ford Motor company as did Count Chevrolet, Ransom Olds, Glen Curtis, The Stanley brothers, The Shell Oil company, The Mobil Oil company, Mickey Thompson products, STP products, Goodyear tire and rubber company, Firestone tire and rubber company and Mercedes Benz just to name a few. The current holder of the land speed record the Thrust SSC team generated over a billion images as a result of their record success.

Imagine LSRV will have  the ability  to take the record and hold it because of it’s unique advanced aerodynamic design and it’s tremendously powerful MR-40K rocket engine. This engine is essentially a highly modified Rocketdyne LR-105 originally used in the Atlas ICBM. This engine has a history of developing over a million horse power as it pushed a NASA Mercury capsule with astronaut John Glenn aboard and itself to orbital velocity and an altitude in excess of 100 miles. Making John Glenn America’s first man in space and our most famous Astronaut. Orbital velocity is approximately 17,500 miles per hour.

The current Imagine LSRV configuration will have the ability to reach a speed in excess of Mach 2 (1,400 miles per hour) on the ground. Which is faster than any jet fighter aircraft can travel at low altitude. The team also has larger tanks built which once installed into the vehicle would enable Imagine LSRV to reach a peak velocity of Mach 3 (2,200 miles per hour) on the ground. Or about the speed that the famous SR-71 Blackbird can only attain at extremely high altitude.

This is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime project without peers. It is the premier land speed racer for the 21st century. The dynamics and ability of this project to generate press and interest is unprecedented and will be pursued to the fullest as this vehicle comes into fruition and begins making history.