Jack Costella has been building streamliners for years and holds many world records. Costella’s experience is where imagination meets reality.


"Jocko" Johnson, master cylinder head porter, developer of early streamlining, artist, and all around master craftsman. He was an astute learner and forward thinker.







My name is Jeff Teaford and thanks to my terrific friend Waldo, I have decided that making a dream come true is as easy as simply MAKING it come true.
I've always wanted to be involved in drag racing and land speed as long as I can remember, but never knew how to go about it. About two years ago it occurred to me- Do what you did when you were six years old.
Draw what you love. I've always drawn in one capacity or another, and always for everyone else.

Pioneering drag racer,Arthur Eugene "Art" Arfons, was the world land speed record holder three times in 1964 – 1965 with his Green Monster series of jet-powered cars, after a series of Green Monster piston-engine and jet-engined dragsters.

[ Franklin Ratliff ] "I think that ultimately everything is engineerable, given enough time and money ...
Whether it ’s building a land-speed car in your garage or launching a [nuclear]-powered spacecraft."