Sonic Wind.jpg

Sonic Wind with its bright new paint on the ice
at Lake George in upstate New York.

Sonic Wind News

"The second trip to the ice!"

Press Release


Date: March 7, 2000

Apple Valley, CA-Project Update:

The Sonic Wind crew recently made a cross-country trip to Lake George, New York. This is the lake where Sammy Miller set the ice record of 247 MPH in 1981 with his hydrogen-peroxide powered ice racer. It has an annual Winter Carnival with snow mobile races, exhibits, sky diving and its very special Polar Swim in the frigid waters.

The plan was to do low speed testing on the frozen surface of Lake George as part of their annual Winter Carnival. On Sunday, the last day of the event, Sonic Wind was to make an exhibition run in front of the crowd with hoped for speeds of 150 to 200 MPH.

Waldo Stakes and John Petri on the ice.jpg

Waldo Stakes and John Petri returning from 
a look at the poor ice conditions.

The weather warmed up just before Sonic Wind arrived and instead of snow, Sonic Wind was greeted by rain and fog. This left the ice in such poor condition that all the ice events were cancelled, including the exhibition run for Sonic Wind.
Sonic Wind in slush.jpg

Sonic Wind in the midst of water and slush.

In spite of the weather, the Sonic Wind crew enjoyed meeting a lot of great people in Lake George who were enthusiastic and eager to help with our venture. The plan is to come back next year, only a little earlier, and try to do our testing and low speed runs. Then, if all goes well, we'll be coming back every year to push the speeds up to our super-sonic goals.

All of us on the Sonic Wind crew, Waldo Stakes, Ken Mason, John Petri and Denise Alley, would like to thank Sean Quirk at King Neptune's Lounge in Lake George for his special help. Also, thanks to Paul at The Adirondack down the street, Tom and Cathleen Kelly at TomCat Racing, Steve and Gail Foster, the people of the Winter Carnival for giving us a place to run plus the rooms at The Best Western Motel and a host of other people who helped or encouraged our team. Even with the rain-out, we had great time!